A5323600 Dollar | German Shepherd/Siberian Husky


A5323600 Dollar is an adventurous 5-year-old black and grey neutered male German Shepherd and Siberian Husky mix who came to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center on October 2nd as a stray. Weighing 69 lbs, Dollar loves to explore, is athletic, curious and will make an excellent dog to take with you on your outdoor adventures. This is going to be a dog who will love hikes, who will love taking in all the nature and new surroundings. True to his breed he is smart and alert. He’s also very gentle and even snuggly, we think he’s going to make a great dog for a family with older kids. He’s going to take a little time to bond with a new person and family, however, once he feels safe in the security of a new home he is going to make a loyal and devoted companion for life!

DOLLAR’S VIDEO: https://youtu.be/pS_f0C3IIzE

For more information on this pet, contact volunteer UHA adoption coordinator Meena at 706-504-1810 or meena@hope4animals.org. Please CALL or EMAIL—do not text.

United Hope for Animals is not a facility. To CHECK THE STATUS of this animal, contact the BALDWIN PARK SHELTER in person, by phone or on their website:

Address: 4275 Elton St, Baldwin Park, CA 91706
Phone: (626) 962-3577
Website: http://1.usa.gov/1oB6G0p

If you end up adopting this animal, please give a shout out to #unitedhopeforanimals @UnitedHope on social media, leave a comment here as a thank you to our Volunteers, or donate to UHA at http://unitedhope4animals/donate.

Thank you for looking! Please SHARE this animal if you are unable to adopt.

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Our Mission:

United Hope for Animals is dedicated to reducing homelessness among companion animals through spay/neuter, shelter support, photography, video and networking of shelter animals in Southern California. It is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization working to end homelessness among companion animals by supporting shelter adoptions and spay/neuter programs. Through our Shelter Support Program, our volunteers photograph and video shelter pets to increase their chances of adoption significantly. Our volunteer Adoption Coordinators help facilitate adoptions of shelter pets. United Hope for Animals supports rescue, spay/neuter and networking of shelter pets to increase their chances of adoption. UHA is not a shelter, but supports shelters to help increase visibility of animals who might not otherwise be seen.



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