All Toy Dog Breeds List (from A to Z)


Toy dog breeds list. All dogs from the Toy group might be short, but they are affectionate, social and friendly companions

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Do not be fooled by their size. Most of these dogs, especially when they are younger, are very active. And a lot of time, they are very protective. It is like they are not aware, that they are so small and they feel they are your guards.

But of course, the main purpose of Toy dog breeds is, to be there for their families and make them smile every day.

Toy dogs are great choice for people with small apartment and for people that are living in big cities. It is because they dont need that much space and most of them are very adaptable.

Toy dog breeds are trainable. But as with all dogs, you must be firm and consistent. Which might be very hard for some people, because it can be hard to be firm on these little cute dogs with big eyes. But if you want dog, that will not be chewing, nipping etc, you will have to be patient, consistent and firm on them.

It is also advised to not over protect your dog! You will often time see small dogs that are afraid of everything. It is because their owners are over protecting them. It is a mistake. Its much better to act to them like to normal dog.

Toy dogs are one of the best choice for novice or first time dog owners. It is because even if you fail the training and socialization, they are much easier to handle than big dog.

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