Black Vodafone pug puppy for sale 9999039993 available in Delhi – 77 at whole sale market price


Price of husky puppy female 30000, male puppy 35000, rs please call or watsap 9999039993 या 9899990099, dr pawan dog kennel, laxmi nagar delhi, we have all breed healthy puppies, we give all papers and certificates of sale and health ,we are are providing cash on delivery in delhi ncr, we will provide you at least 3 choices, we have all breed adult malw for studs mating and crossing, we also provide help in opening dog farm buissness, we make an aggriment to buy all pupps for support , we can provide you help in knowledge of first aids, वैक्सीनेशन, fooding and toilet training, we have facility to assist your pet shop ,price of labrador female 5000, male 10000, जर्मन shepherd female 6000, male 12000, pug female 10000 ,male 12000, rottweiller female 10000, male 14000, beagle female 12000, male 20000, ल्हासा apso female 12000, male 15000, shihtzu female 20000, male 25000, dalmetion female 7000, male 12000, doberman female 9000, male 13000, greatdane female 20000,male 25000,pitbul female 10000, male 13000, pakistani बुल्ली फीमेल 15000 ,male 25000 , please cont for more details



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