Evergreen Rabindra Sangeet Collection | Best Of Amita Sen | Tagore Bengali Songs


Chinile Na Amare Evergreen Rabindra Sangeet Collection is a select compilation of Tagore Bengali Songs or Evergreen Rabindra Sangeet Songs by Amita Sen. The album presents the Best of Amita Sen in one Evergreen Rabindra Sangeet Collection.
Rabindra Sangeet also known as Tagore Songs, are songs written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore popular in India and Bangladesh. Rabindranath Tagore the great poet wrote and composed innumerable songs in the vast gamut of literary works, which he produced in his long and prolific career. He almost single handedly changed the way Bengali Modern Songs were viewed at and created his own brand of music which later on came to be known as Rabindra Sangeet. Rabindra Sangeet is characterized by its distinctive rendition while singing which includes a significant amount of ornamentation like meend, murki, etc. and is filled with expressions of romanticism. The music is mostly based on Hindustani classical music and folk music of Bengal. Rabindranath Tagore was a prolific composer. Rabindra Sangeet merges fluidly into his literature, most of which were lyricised



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