Is Seaweed a Healthy or Harmful Superfood ?? on a Raw Food Diet


John from interviews 15 long-term raw foodists if you should eat seaweed which is known as a superfood due to its abundance of nutritional benefits on a raw food diet.

In this episode, you will hear from a total of 15 raw food educators that teach people about eating raw foods. You will learn the opinions on seaweed aka sea vegetables and if you should eat them on a raw vegan diet. You will learn some benefits of seaweed as well as some of the potential problems with eating these nutrient dense vegetables from the sea.

At the end of this episode, John will share his opinions on sea weeds as well as the many different kinds and varieties of the sea weeds he includes in his diet. You will also discover how much seaweed John eats and why he feels they are important to thrive on a raw food diet.

After watching this episode, you will know if you will want to avoid or include seaweed in your diet and the types you may want to eat to get the beneficial vitamins, minerals including trace minerals and other nutrients in these amazing vegetables from the sea.

In this episode, you will learn from:

01:24 Megan Elizabeth – 6 Years Raw
02:01 Kristina Carillo-Bukram – 9 years raw
02:56 Karen Ranzi – 20 Years Raw
03:24 Lou Corona – 41 Years Raw
05:12 Dr. Rick Dina, D.C. – 27 Years Raw
06:58 Nomi Shannon – 27 Years Raw
09:10 Ronnie Skurow – 14 Years Raw
11:30 Chris Kendall – 10 Years Raw
13:22 Don Bennett D.A.S. – 20 Years Raw
14:23 Dan McDonald Life Regenerator – 14 Years Raw
15:30 Dr. Samuel Mielcarski – 15 Years Raw
16:50 Tim Van Orden – 10 years raw
17:45 Matt Monarch – 17 Years Raw
18:16 Viktoras Kulvinskas – 50 Years Raw
20:45 John Kohler – 21 Years Raw

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