Meet the vegan DOG whose owner insists he eats a diet free from meat – Daily News


Meet the vegan DOG whose owner insists he eats a diet free from meat – Daily News
Meet,vegan,DOG,owner,insists,eats,diet,free,meat,dairy A vegan dog owner is enforcing the same strict diet for her pet, despite experts warning it could pose health risks such as severe weight loss.
Sydney woman Sarah Dallera, 36, has been a vegan since 2014 and has since transitioned her nine-year-old dog named Brioche on to an entirely plant-based diet.
The part husky, part German shepherd rescue dog has since been living on a diet of vegetables, including cooked sweet potato, lentils, chickpeas, broccoli and zucchini.
Ms Dallera has worked as a veterinary nurse for ten years, but had no idea dogs could be vegan, The Australian reported.
After coming to the decision she no longer wanted to support the meat industry, Ms Dallera looked into it and realised dogs are omnivores.
‘In (Brioche’s) dog food there is a lot of quinoa, there’s broccoli, a lot of types of fruit, and she has some hemp seeds which are really full of protein,’ the 36-year-old said.
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CEO of the Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Mark Lawrie, said vegan diets are especially harmful for cats as they’re obligate carnivores, but can also affect dogs.
‘The downside of vegetarian dogs is you can get some health-related problems. Some dogs can do quite well, but it does increase the volume of food that has to be fed,’ Mr Lawrie said.
The main concern for dogs on plant-based diets is the lack of protein and amino acids.
For this reason, Mr Lawrie said some dogs would be better off with a vegetarian diet rather than purely vegan, so they can get a source of protein through alternative options such as eggs.
If dogs have a protein deficiency or amino acid definiciency, they can suffer from a reduced growth rate and milk production, poor coat and skin and severe weight loss that could lead to death.
Owner of vegan-focused Cruelty Free Shop Jessica Bailey said she’s seen a huge increase in pet food that’s mainly vegan due to demand.
‘Veganism in the mainstream if growing for people, and as it grows for people therefore it grows for pets as people aren’t wanting to handle or support the meat industry,’ Ms bailey said.



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