Online Puppy Training


This is an example video from my online puppy training course. The online course features the same lessons that are included in the Daybreak Dogs puppy course.

If you’re in the North Somerset area, check out the latest courses by using this link to my website:

My intention is that this will be a useful resource for anyone attending our local weekly training classes, as a visual reminder of what exercises and games you should be working on with your puppy at each stage.

It will also be available to people further afield who would like to train with Daybreak but are unable to join us for a local class. I’m looking forward to helping dog training friends in Northern Ireland, Australia and America 🙂

Here are some more details about the online course:

– The total course length is 104 minutes
– Average lesson time is just over 3 minutes a video
– You’ll have access to the videos for 2 months
– There are 6 categories, with 5 videos included in each category

The categories follow our 6-week lesson plans:

– Let The Learning Commence
– Home Life & Daily Routine
– Socialisation & Habituation
– Loose Lead Walking
– Recalls
– Play!

The price for the online version of the puppy course will be £66.00, the same as it is when you join us in person. BUT if you’re able to join us in person then we’ll be offering a whopping 50% off the cost of the online course.

**That’s just £33.00 for two months access to our entire puppy training course!**

If you’d like to take me up on this offer, get in touch and I’ll send you a coupon code so that you can receive your discount.

You can purchase my online puppy course here:

Look forward to helping you train your puppy!



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