Papillon – Top 10 Interesting Facts


TOP 10 interesting facts about Papillon, a friendly and adventurous dog breed.

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The French word meaning butterfly was first applied to this breed in the 1500s, when the fashion for this elegant little dog turned from the floppy eared Spaniel style to the sprightly winged look that is still popular today.

The Papillon is a small, dainty, elegant dog of fine-boned structure, slightly longer than tall. His small size means he can live happily in an apartment, but only if he receives gentle, consistent training to prevent nuisance barking and potty accidents.

Far from being just ornamental, the Papillon’s trainability and eagerness to please help him excel in everything from dog sports to tricks to the show ring. Papillons also tend to learn from every experience, whether good or bad, so consistent, positive training is a must.

The Papillon can be found in any color, although the preferred pattern is a band of color across the nose, extending onto the ears, accentuating the butterfly effect, or an flash of white on the face with coloring of the ears.

TOP 10 Papillon facts TIMESTAMPS:
0:15 Origin
0:45 Rat hunter
1:11 Appearance
1:33 High energy
1:51 Temperament
2:17 Barking
2:35 Quick reflexes
3:00 Fragility
3:20 Grooming
3:38 Marie Antoinette

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