San Diego ABC 10 News – Child Dog Bite Controversy

39 | Aired 3/20/14. Attorney Ross Jurewitz and our brave client, Cortney Schwalbe, spoke to reporter Michael Chen and viewers of ABC 10 News to discuss her 3-year-old daughter’s facial injury caused by a vicious dog attack while visiting Balboa Park.

While taking photos of the young girl, a small tan chihuahua ran up to the girl and bit her in the face. The dog completely bit part of her upper lip off and caused scarring on her face. She was rushed to a hospital, where she underwent plastic surgery to close her lip wound. The very next day, our client found out that the dog was sent home with its owner in Chula Vista. Our client was told that since the dog had NO PRIOR history of attack, the dog would remain at home.

“I was really angry. I think that on a vicious dog attack like that should immediately be taken by animal control,” says Schwalbe.

“The onus (“the obligation”) should be on Chula Vista to put the victim first and not the dog and it’s owner,” said Jurewitz.

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