The Not Dead Yet Show Ep 71 Birth of Labrador Puppies. For sale.


Wonder Woman had nonuplets and all 9 are chocolate labs. Contact to see if there are any left. They will be 6 weeks old by April 8th, 2019. Three are already spoken for. Purebred puppies and this is the important part. We paid extra to have her bred with a Silver Lab stud. That means that all of the females have the potential to have silver labs which are really rare, if they are bred with a silver male.
This is a business for the kids so we can teach them how it works. They bought Wonder Woman with their own money they saved. We’re going to deduct the cost of her shots, vet bills, microchip, AKC registration and dog food for the past 18 months and then split the rest of the money between them. With what is left, 10% will go to tithe and the rest will go into a special business account for them to try to do business with. Cross has a really cool idea and Sela is still thinking.



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