Top 10 Most Beautiful World Unique Amazing fancy Pigeons | Exotic Fancy pigeon | Fancy Pet


Published on Nov 19, 2019
Top 10 Most Beautiful World Unique Amazing fancy Pigeons | Exotic Fancy pigeon | Fancy Pet
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Pigeon Farm
Pigeon farming is not so difficult job, anyone can do this. Pigeon is a very good pet bird. They don’t like to leave their house. A pigeon farm needs an open place for their moving. Pigeon house requires a very little space; normally for a couple, a room with 12 x 12 x 10 inch dimension is quite enough. In a pigeon farm a large number of houses are made and kept side by side, and also one over another.

Benefits of pigeon Farming
Very small capital required
Pigeon is a heavily domestic bird
Very low food cost
Regenerating time period is very short In only 5-6 months it becomes adult enough to lay eggs Pigeon house can be made in a very small place Pigeon meat is too much nutritious and full of protein Pigeon has a good market price Pigeon farming is a very good way to pass leisure time and get pleasure

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👉Unique Exotic Fancy Pigeon Farm in Saver

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Top 10 Most Beautiful World Unique Amazing fancy Pigeons | Exotic Fancy pigeon | Fancy Pet

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