UPDATE On Boxer Dog Rex Surgery From Rottweiler Attack


We where attacked by a Rottweiler dog last evening – video of that here https://youtu.be/p3UPgJwmHKg . Later that evening he was limping very bad. We gave him painkillers and the next morning we manage to get at emergency booking at the local vet LANDSKRONA SMÅDJURSKLINIK ANICURA. They said he needed surgery to drain the wound. This video tells more about it. Rex will make a full recovery.

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Boxer Rex is a Swedish male boxer born 14th of August 2015 and lives outside of Landskrona in the south of Sweden. He´s loving, fun, crazy, energetic, faithful and a typical high energy boxer. It´s never a dull moment when you are with Rex.

Take care! Voff! 😁 //Rex



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